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Hermit Safe

Hermit Safe

Hermit Safe™ safely, rapidly, and efficiently removes toxic chlorine, chloramine and ammonia. Chlorine and chloramine are commonly used in municipal water sources to disinfect tap water. All three are toxic and should be removed before use of such water (misting, drinking, soaking, etc.). Regular misting is an important part of keeping hermit crabs. Add Hermit Safe™ to water in a spray bottle for misting
Chlorine can cause blistering in hermit crab gills.
Long term exposure can be fatal.
Hermit Safe™ also provides key electrolytes to promote proper and healthy molting. The hermit crab's natural habitat is near the ocean in brackish environments. Brackish water is water which contains more sea salts than freshwater but less than the open sea. It is important to try and replicate this for your crabs. Using HermitSafe™ provides key electrolytes, raising salinity and promoting proper and healthy molting.
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