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Module Dosing Pump

Module Dosing Pump

Aquatronica dosing pumps allow the dosage of liquid elements
  in your aquarium. The module consists of 3 peristaltic pumps that operate
  independently and allow the following types of dosage: 1. Single dosage:
  allows you to administer the preset amount of substance at the desired time
  and day. 2. Repetitive dosage: allows you to repeat the single dosage at
  regular intervals (hours - days). 3. Weekly dosage: allows you to make the
  desired dosage only on the desired days of the week. 4. Distributed dosage: allows
  you to distribute the desired substance evenly over a set period of time. The
  aquatronic dosimetric pumps differ in the innovative function of
  administering some elements based on the data received from the electrodes
  connected to the system and therefore automatically restoring the biological
  balance of the water.
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