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Rubicon 4.B Reef Tank

Rubicon 4.B Reef Tank


• LED Light

• Skimmer

• Return Pump

• Filtration

• Filter Sock

The Mantis Rubicon is a stylish, compact nano aquarium series, perfect for the home or office.

Made from ultra clear Starphire glass wth carefully bevelled edges and a rimless design, the Rubicon provides the ultimate nano aquarium experience.

Out of the box includes the tank with a glass overflow panel, recirculating pump, plumbing and filter sock - nearly everything you need to get started!

A Perfectly Clear Viewing Experience.

The Rubicon series features laser cut Starphire glass, to enhance your viewing experience. Unlike traditional lower grade glass, Starphire glass provides an unmatched levels of brightness, colour fidelity, clarity and visual appearance.

Large Filtration Area.

The Rubicon Series makes fitting a protein skimmer easy, with a larger protein skimmer box size of 140 x 95mm. This also allows for more area for reactors and filtration media, making for a more practical aquarium experience.

Effective Filtration.

The Rubicon Series includes a 200 micron felt filter sock, meaning free-floating particles are removed from the water effectively, allowing for a more pleasant viewing experience while also helping remove waste from the water.

Each Rubicon Cube also ships with Mantis Biospheres. A break through technology which allows for a greater surface area, meaning the most effective and efficient filtration possible.

A Strong, Reliable Heart.

The return pump is the heart of a healthy aquarium. Featuring a powerful 600 litre per hour return pump, the Rubicon series allows for a healthy return flow. Forcing more water to be passed through the critical filtration stages.

Easily Adaptable & Customisable

The design of the Rubicon allows for the user to easily upgrade/change equipment on the aquarium. Larger space in the filtration compartment, and rimless sides mean no difficult and awkward hardware positioning.

Specifications - Rubicon 4.0

External Aquarium Dimensions: 450x450x400mm
Glass Thickness: 6mm
Water Height: 335mm
Water Volume (L): 75L
Skimmer Box Size: 140x95mm
Return Pump Size: 80x80mm
Filter Socks Included: Yes, 1x Sock
Glass Overflow: Yes
Return Pump: Return Pump 600L Included

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