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Special Grade

Special Grade

This 100% natural aquarium substrate will create a unique look
  in your fresh or saltwater aquarium. Contains no plastic coatings; simply
  rinse before use. White sand creates a dramatic look in any underwater
  environment. The ideal substrate for marine, reef or African Cichlids. Ideal
  for deep beds, plenum systems, reef or fish tank bottom cover. Removes
  nitrate, nitrite, ammonia and other wastes. Unsurpassed buffering capability:
  keep more fish and invertebrates healthier, longer. High uniformity coefficient
  prevents biofouling. Supports the proper pH of seawater (8.2) with the
  fastest reaction time. Precision grading and enhanced internal surface area
  allows CaribSea Aragonite to deliver more calcium, carbonate buffer and
  essential trace elements than any other substrate. Creates a natural
  biological balance. Pure aragonite — no tar, harmful organics or impurities.
  Never needs replacement — works with the natural bacteria to enhance
  performance over the full life of the system. Ready to use, minimal rinsing
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